Our story

Ties to Norway is the culmination of a respect for tradition combined with a passion for creativity, and stems from a desire to help strengthen the bonds between people and places for a better, more connected society.


After moving to Norway from the UK in 2016 with my Norwegian wife, the idea for Ties to Norway came about because I was fed up of wearing the same old suit with a red or blue tie when celebrating the Norwegian constitution day on the 17th May each year.

It was fine, but I wanted a better way to show my appreciation for the day, and my connection to my wife and her family.

I love the bunad, but I wouldn't have felt comfortable buying one for myself, as an Englishman in Norway...

So I thought I would see if I could find the next best thing: a tie that matched my wife's bunad from the Øst-Telemark region.

Having struggled to find anything suitable, I decided I would have to make my own!

As I met more and more people in a similar situation to me, it was clear I wasn't alone in wanting something like this to wear for special occasions like the 17th of May, weddings, confirmations, Julebord, og sΓ₯ videre...

So, in February 2024, Ties to Norway was born.

Our ties are inspired by traditional bunad patterns from a variety of regions and will be made from high-quality 100% silk fabric.

We want to make it more inclusive for people to wear the colours and patterns of the bunad that means something to them, and to help people feel more connected to Norway.

So whether you were born here or somewhere further afield, I hope we can help you with your own personal tie to Norway.

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